Flash Banner Designer

Flash Banner Designer 5.0

A tool for creating web banners without professional knowledge of Flash

Flash Banner Designer is a tool for creating web banners, which doesn't require professional knowledge of Flash.
The program has an intuitive user-interface that allows you to easily understand how to work with available tools. You can design banners with several layers, add buttons, text and preset overlays, symbols and shapes. A series of editing options are available for the pictures you choose to use, such as "crop", "rotate" and color adjustments. You can also add filters to your images, but, on the one hand, there are only five available options. The libraries of symbols and backgrounds are quite generous, on the other hand. Animated backgrounds are available aside from the static ones. Hyperlinks can be associated with images and, of course, with buttons. Objects can be sent to front/back, grouped together or ungrouped, locked/unlocked and aligned according to your preferences. Several banners can be shown randomly or in a certain order with the help of the banner rotator.
The output file can have the .SWF and .HTML extension. When the work is done, you can choose to upload it on FTP servers or send it by email, after the email client has been configured properly.
Flash Banner Designer is an easy-to-use tool for creating banners without requiring extensive knowledge of Flash. It can be used in association with a photo editor so that fine adjustments are made at the pictures, however it includes tools for basic editing of images too.

Margie Smeer
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  • Intuitive user-interface
  • Large libraries of symbols and backgrounds


  • Small number of filters
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